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benefits of leasing a car

The Ins and Outs of Leasing a Car

Auto leasing has been growing in popularity with around 27% of new cars being leased in 2015 versus 22% in 2012. For luxury cars, the…

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You Just Got a Raise: Do You Pay Off Debt or Invest?

Savvy women know it’s important to both invest for retirement and pay down debt. They know that earlier is better when it comes to investing…

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Calculating Your Net Worth – What’s It Worth to You?

There are lots of ways to take stock of your financial situation. For many of us, a quick look at our checking, savings and credit…

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The 6 Most Important Things You Should Know About Social Security

Since 1940, when the first Social Security checks were delivered, millions of Americans have come to rely on this government program to fund their retirement…

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Financial planning

Beware of Vanishing Money

Consider this fun fact: If you had put one dollar in a jar in 1976, it would be worth about 23 cents today. In just…

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student debt

Kiss Sallie Mae Good-bye in Five Years or Less

Contrary to popular belief, your student debt need not follow you around for the next 20 years like an incurable rash. Rather than succumb to…

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teaching kids about money

Raising Financially Savvy Kids

When spending time with your children, many moments throughout the day can afford opportunities to incorporate fun ideas about money, finance and investing. The key…

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Fast food items like hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and pizza

Break the Cycle of Takeout and Save

We all love to treat ourselves to a good meal, although for many Americans, going out to dinner or ordering takeout is a weekly or…

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emergency fund

Emergency Funds: Just How Much is Enough?

It’s tough to pin down the right amount of reserve cash you may need for the unexpected, for the sole reason that an emergency fund…

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Money Saving Habits

Small Money-Saving Habits Worth Something Big

When thinking about how to improve your saving and spending habits, it is common to devise an overly restrictive and impractical plan that you won’t…

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Budgeting 101: A Personal Financial Revolution

Like many young Americans, when I graduated from college and moved to the big city to start my career, I signed up for a credit…

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Quick Tips for Paying Off Your Student Loans

If you’ve recently graduated college, then you’re probably eager to be free from classes, assignments and exams and finally embark on your career. Yet, the…

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Making the Most of a Financial Advisor

It’s never too early or too late to put the expertise of a financial advisor to work for you. Whether you are investing for the…

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Clean Up Your Budget

Change rarely makes us feel comfortable. When winter sets in every year, we celebrate our rituals and holiday traditions, relishing the comfort we feel from…

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Financial Quiz

Quiz: 60 Second Financial Progress

Are you better off this year than you were at this time last year? Not sure where you stand? Take our one-minute Financial Progress Quiz!…

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