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Randi Pupkin: Art with a Heart

Randi Pupkin is the Founder of Art with a Heart, which brings visual arts classes to schools, group homes, shelters and many other communities. Initially…

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Salary Negotiation

Five Salary Negotiation Tips for Women

Salary negotiations can be intimidating—even downright nerve-wracking. Worse, men seem to do it more often than women, giving them an edge in the workforce. According…

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Make the Most of Your Performance Review

Does your manager or company check in with you at regular intervals to measure your performance, set goals and provide constructive feedback? Companies that prioritize…

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What to do with an old 401(k)

New Job? Don’t Leave Your 401(k) Behind

You’ve just accepted a job at another company and you’re probably focused on the opportunities and challenges ahead. Before you devote all your time and…

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Entrepreneurs: Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

Many women struggle with perfectionism. In pursuit of being perfect—or doing perfect work—we refuse to accept anything less. But, when it comes to owning your…

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Do You Match the Profile of a Successful Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs have unique challenges from day to day that require a unique set of skills to be successful. If you’ve ever considered owning your own…

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Starting a Business: Ten Steps to Get You Started

Americans are feeling more entrepreneurial than they have in years. As our country recovers from The Great Recession of 2008, more and more Americans have…

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How to Find a Mentor

For those just starting their careers, finding a trusted mentor to guide them through their first professional experience is essential. But what about those of…

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Starting a Nonprofit – What You Need To Know

If you have been an active member of your community for a few years, chances are you see the services and places that could be…

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Is Telecommuting Right For You?

Working from home is more popular than ever. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 24% of Americans report that they do some or all…

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Dr. Fredrick Wigley and Randi Pupkin: Scleroderma

Autoimmune diseases, in general, affect women disproportionately. Scleroderma, a disfiguring autoimmune disorder that affects the skin, struck Randi Pupkin in 2013 and brought her world…

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Company acquired

What to Do When Your Company is Acquired

For the first year ever, merger and acquisition activity around the world surpassed $5 trillion in 2015, breaking the previous record of $4.6 trillion set…

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Quiet your mind

How to Alleviate Stress When Work is Keeping You Up at Night

Is 3 a.m. the only time your brain wants to mull over looming deadlines in the office? Do you feel more exhausted after a vacation…

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