Do You Match the Profile of a Successful Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs have unique challenges from day to day that require a unique set of skills to be successful. If you’ve ever considered owning your own business, read on to see if you’ve got what it takes to make it on your own.


Do you look into the future and design a plan to get there? When starting a company, it helps to have a motivating and clear vision. It can be specific or somewhat imprecise, but not ambiguous.

“Write down an important goal you want to achieve, then outline all of the steps that you must take to achieve that goal. When your entire plan is fleshed out, you’ll be looking at your vision,” advise Ryan Westwood and Travis Johnson in their book, The Five Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur.

You may even want to post your vision above your desk or on a wall to help guide every decision you make for your businesses.

Hard Work

Working hard is an undeniable ingredient to help you be successful in any job, but when starting a business, the phrase takes on a whole new level. Having your own business may mean working at full throttle day or night, weekdays and weekends. Having the determination to be successful combined with a lot of energy, especially in the beginning, helps while working long hours every day.

After the initial excitement of launching a company tapers off, you may need to draw on your deep reserves of strength to keep going. Your level of commitment needs to be constant, and the work you do should be focused on results, not just work for working’s sake.


As a resilient person, entrepreneurs are better able to overcome setbacks. At various points in your entrepreneurial journey, there will be obstacles, so having a temperament that accepts setbacks as part of the process of launching and running a business will help. In fact, viewing failure as a learning opportunity and a necessary component of success has helped many entrepreneurs on their path.


Things will likely not always go your way, and staying positive helps put those challenges in perspective. Most problems are surmountable, and a positive person can adapt to any new circumstances that might arise. Similarly, you can see when the market environment is changing in a way that requires an adjustment to your business and vision.


When a person emits passion, you can tell that they love what they do and they would do it even if they didn’t make any money. Passion is an enthusiasm that is contagious to all those around you. So if you constantly think about your business and how to improve it, it’s likely because you found your passion and purpose in your work.

Risk Tolerance

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-of-heart. Leaving the comfort zone of a full-time steady position, you must be willing to accept the risk of operating in an uncertain environment. The good news is that many of the personality traits mentioned above will buoy your confidence and help you take the risk of starting your own business.

If you find that some of the traits mentioned above fit you, while others don’t, take heart. Some traits come naturally to people and others are learned along the way. Often people take their first entrepreneurial step at different stages of their life… and sometimes it takes just the right idea or the right time to make it happen for you.